How to price structure in a Braintree Beauty Salon and how to calculate the likely charge for services

Each Braintree Beauty salon has its own pricing structure. Before a beauty salon owner decides how much to charge for a specific job she/he must take many factors into account.

For example, the cost of:

• premises
• staff
• stock
• utilities (water, electricity, gas)
• replacements and renewals
• miscellaneous expenses
• repairs and decoration.

Some Braintree Beauty salons structure their prices according to the experience of their stylists, or make a higher charge to have work done by the more popular staff, while others have a flat rate for all stylists.

Many beauty salons make a reduced charge for unqualified staff to help them gain experience while they are working towards their qualification. This special rate is usually offered during less busy periods at the start of the week but it may apply only on training evenings. Most salons display their charges quite clearly on a price list and this is usually placed close to the reception area so that clients can see the cost of the treatments and the level of charge for stylists.

When calculating the likely cost of a job you must take a variety of details into account:

• the stylist and her/his level of charges
• any extra time needed to carry out the treatment or service
• any extra products needed
• specialism of the job ie, the expertise required by the hairdresser
• extra work to be done. For example, if re-growth is too long for a normal application and needs a double application of tint

• available pricing concessions. When asked the price of a treatment or service you must not commit either the salon or the stylist to a specific charge if you are unsure.

When calculating the costs ensure that you list everything that is to be done, taking any possible additional charges (eg, extra products or extra time) into account. Then check with the stylist to clarify the details of the work before quoting a price.

Do not confirm the price with the client until you have done this. If you under quote the beauty salon will not make a profit, but if you over quote you may lose a client.

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