Spa Treatments


Monu facials utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients. Harnessing the remarkable recuperative power of nature to SOOTHE and protect your skin whilst refreshing your inner being.


The Renu range is a combination of products designed to slow the effects of ageing skin. Enhancing and supporting the skins vital functions by combining proven, potent natural ACTIVES with science innovation.

All of our facials both Monu and Renu are tailored to the individual clients needs and include cleansing, toning, ex-foliation, MASKS and a suitable moisturiser to finish.


Express facial treatment (25 minutes) …£25
Aromatic facial treatment (55 minutes)…£40 (includes signature Monu facial massage, and decolete or hand and arm massage and compress)
Hydra lift collagen facial treatment (55 minutes)…£55 (includes compress ritual, Monu signature décolleté massage or hand or arm massage and a 99% collagen veil mask)
Wrinkle Eye Treatment (55 minutes) …£35 (including Monu signature décolleté or hand and arm massage and 99% collagen eye patches)
Peel and resurface treatment…£45(Including up to a 20% triple AHA chemical peel and a Monu signature hand and arm massage)


Express sculpt and lift facial (40 minutes)…£45 (including Renu radiance skin peel, Monu signature hand and arm massage and nourishing treatment décolleté massage.)

Intense lift anti-ageing facial (70 minutes)… £60 (Including ren compress ritual, radiant skin peel, signature facial massage with nourishing treatment oil, renu hand and arm and décolleté massage)

Body Treatments

Monus body care range will provide a sensual spa experience allowing you to relax, unwind and indulge

Relaxation treatments

Combat stress and fatigue with these massages. Gental stretching movements help to relieve tension whilst your expert therapist eases stress and invigorates your body using an intent combination of pure Monu aromatic oils and specialist massages.

Relaxation back, neck and shoulder treatment (25 minutes)…£25
Full Body (55 minutes)…£50

Deep tissue treatments

These massages are ideal for those who suffer from muscle tension and knots. Using specialist custom massage techniques, stretching and the powerful properties of Monu aromatic oils to help treat areas of concert.

Relaxation back, neck and shoulder treatment (25 minutes)…£30
Full Body (55 minutes)…£45

Revive, Relax and Rejuvenate Candle Treatment

These special massages use candle wax to not only relieve tension and relax the mind but also to help nourish dry skin. The Mony candle of your choice is lit and the meted wax becomes a warm pool of moisturising massage medium containing vitamin E

Relaxation back, neck and shoulder treatment (25 minutes)…£30
Full Body (55 minutes)…£45

Exotic Hot Oil Scrub and polish treatment

This treatment leaves your body feeling smooth, hydrated, fresh and energised. This luxurious body treatment uses natural salts and mono aromatic warm oils that smooth away dead skin cells while in visit great in your mind.

Luxury thermal back treatment

A facial for the back. This treatment aids in relaxation as includes a 25 back neck and shoulder massage whilst also dealing with congestion, oiliness and tension in the back area. Skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated followed by a hot aromatic compress to relax muscles

Deluxe Foot Treatment

Not just your average pedicure this foot treatment softens hard skin hydrates nourishes and reduces water retention by using specialised my new products and aromatic oils and specialist massage techniques. Includes gel nail colour on now varnish to toes

Ultimate spa ritual

This soothing rejuvenating and refreshing all over body treatment incorporate a variety of indulgent aromatic oils packed full of benefits. This incredible package includes a full body exotic oil oil scrub full body massage using specialised techniques as a 25 minute express facial