Hairdressers in Braintree that keeps information on record about people (staff or clients) must:

• register with the Data Protection Registrar
• ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date
• provide access to the person’s own record if requested.

The Data Protection Act was introduced to protect people from the possible results of inaccurate or out of date information being held on them – this can affect amongst other things, a person’s credit rating, medical treatments or employment opportunities.

Anyone can ask to see their record and it is the responsibility of the organisation to provide access to it but no one has the right to see the records relating to another person.

What may happen if you allow someone to see confidential information about another person?
Hairdrerssers rules of confidentiality, their importance and what might happen if confidentiality is not observed, All hairdressers in Braintree have a responsibility to their clients and to their staff to maintain confidentiality relating to their personal details – for example, address, telephone number or salary. The hairdressers also needs to ensure that details of the services provided to individual clients remain private as well as the information that clients give to hairdressers during consultation. If confidentiality rules are broken it will result in loss of clients and loss of business to the salon. In turn, this will result in loss of jobs for hairdressers in Braintree.

The consequences of breaking the confidentiality rules vary from salon to salon unless the Data Protection Act is contravened. If this happens the person whose details have been revealed can take legal action. This can result in high fines. It is likely that a clause will be included in staff Contracts of Employment to ensure that they know not to reveal any information about clients or their colleagues and that they understand the consequences of breaking the rules.

The services and products available for use in your salon

It is the hairdressers owners responsibility to learn about the products that are available for use in the salon. You should learn how to use them by reading and understanding the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are still unsure, you must ask a more senior colleague for advice and guidance. One of the best ways of learning about products is to use them on your own hair.

This allows you to experience their benefits or disadvantages. It is not possible to use all the different types of products – some will be unsuitable for your hair type or condition, but by finding out about them you will be better able to advise clients. To be able to provide a high standard of hairdressing services you must learn and practise as much as possible all of the procedures that your job includes. Develop your skills and knowledge about all of the services that you provide to clients.

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